Voss Literary Prize longlist 2017

 Read reviewOur Magic Hour

Our Magic Hour

Jennifer Down

Katy's unexpected suicide forever changes life for her best friend Audrey, and their group of close friends in their twenties.

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 Read reviewOur Tiny, Useless Hearts

Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

Toni Jordan

One house, one weekend, and three couples in various states of marital disarray. A witty satire about fidelity and modern relationships.

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 Read reviewDodge Rose

Dodge Rose

Jack Cox

Eliza travels to Sydney to deal with the estate of her Aunt Dodge, and finds Maxine, a hitherto unknown cousin, occupying Dodge's apartment. When legal complications derail plans to live it up on their inheritance, the women's...

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 Special price Read reviewThe Healing Party

The Healing Party

Micheline Lee

An electrifying debut novel about faith and lies, the spirit and the flesh.When her mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Natasha returns to the home she fled many years before. But her father, a Charismatic...

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 Read reviewMusic and Freedom

Music and Freedom

Zoe Morrison

Alice Murray learns to play the piano aged three on an orange orchard in rural Australia. Recognising her daughter's gift, her mother sends Alice to boarding school in the bleak north of England, and there Alice stays for the rest...

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 Read reviewSkylarking


Kate Mildenhall

'A brave, beautiful and richly textured book that delicately explores the fault lines in love and friendship.' --Lucy Treloar A spellbinding tale of friendship and desire, memory and truth, which questions what it is to remember...

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 Read reviewA Loving, Faithful Animal

A Loving, Faithful Animal

Josephine Rowe

It is New Year's Eve, 1990, and Ru's father has disappeared again. Haunted by the horrors of the Vietnam War, Jack has been an erratic - and at times violent - presence in his family's life. Meanwhile, Ru's sister, Lani, is...

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 Read reviewHold


Kirsten Tranter

A haunting, hypnotic and enticing novel of grief and desire, by one of Australia's finest, most assured novelists. Three years ago, Shelley's lover, Conrad, died in a surfing accident. Now, still in a state of subdued grief,...

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All These Perfect Strangers

All These Perfect Strangers

Aoife Clifford

You don t have to believe in ghosts for the dead to haunt you. You don t have to be a murderer to be guilty

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The Last Days Of Ava Langdon

The Last Days Of Ava Langdon

Mark O'Flynn

Winner of the Voss Literary Prize 2017Ava Langdon is often not herself. Having fled her early life in New Zealand and endured the loss of her children, she now lives as a recluse in the Blue Mountains....

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