The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction shortlist 2019

 Read reviewThe Glad Shout

The Glad Shout

Alice Robinson

The Glad Shout is an extraordinary novel of rare depth and texture. Told in a starkly visual and compelling narrative, this is a deeply moving homage to motherhood and the struggles faced by women in difficult times. ...

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 Read reviewA Constant Hum

A Constant Hum

Alice Bishop

A young and exciting new literary voice, emerging from one of Australia's worst natural disasters

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 Read reviewInappropriation


Lexi Freiman

A search for belonging in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs turns into a riotous satire of identity politics in this wildly irreverent coming-of-age story.

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 Special priceThe Flight of Birds

The Flight of Birds

Joshua Lobb

The Flight of Birds is a novel in twelve stories, each of them compelled by an encounter between the human and animal worlds. The birds in these stories inhabit the same space as humans, but they are also apart, gliding above us....

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A Superior Spectre

A Superior Spectre

Angela Meyer

A Superior Spectre is a highly accomplished debut novel about our capacity for curiosity, and our dangerous entitlement to it, and reminds us the scariest ghosts aren't those that go bump in the night, but those that are born and...

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 Read reviewThis Taste for Silence

This Taste for Silence

Amanda O'Callaghan

Subtle, compelling and unsettling, Amanda O'Callaghan's stories work at the edges of the sayable, through secrets, erasures and glimpsed moments of disclosure. They shimmer with unspoken histories and characters who have a...

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