Best non-fiction books of 2018

 Read reviewDeep Time Dreaming

Deep Time Dreaming

Billy Griffiths

'People would have known about Australia before they saw it. Smoke billowing above the sea spoke of a land that lay beyond the horizon. A dense cloud of migrating birds may have pointed the way. But the first Australians were...

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 Read review21 Lessons for the 21st Century

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Yuval Noah Harari

What do we really need to know in today's world? In twenty-one bite-sized lessons, Yuval Noah Harari explores what it means to be human in an age of bewilderment

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 Read reviewGrowing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Anita Heiss

This groundbreaking anthology aims to enlighten, inspire and educate about the lives of Aboriginal people in Australia today.

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 Read reviewWelcome to Country

Welcome to Country

Marcia Langton

A completely new and inclusive guidebook to Indigenous Australia and the Torres Strait Islands

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 Read reviewTeacher


Gabbie Stroud

A woman's struggle to keep the heart in teaching

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 Read reviewEducated


Tara Westover

An extraordinary memoir about a woman's discovery of education, its transformative power and the price she has to pay for it.

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 Read reviewEggshell Skull

Eggshell Skull

Bri Lee

A fiercely intelligent, heartbreakingly honest memoir and feminist call to arms in the tradition of Fight Like A Girl

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