Best Australian fiction books of 2019

 Read reviewDamascus


Christos Tsiolkas

In Damascus, Tsiolkas has written a masterpiece of imagination and transformation: an historical novel of immense power and an unflinching dissection of doubt and faith, tyranny and revolution, and cruelty and sacrifice. ...

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 Read reviewThe White Girl

The White Girl

Tony Birch

In The White Girl, Tony Birch has created memorable characters whose capacity for love and courage are a timely reminder of the endurance of the human spirit.      

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 Read reviewThe Glad Shout

The Glad Shout

Alice Robinson

The Glad Shout is an extraordinary novel of rare depth and texture. Told in a starkly visual and compelling narrative, this is a deeply moving homage to motherhood and the struggles faced by women in difficult times. ...

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 Read reviewThe Weekend

The Weekend

Charlotte Wood

The brilliant new novel from Charlotte Wood, acclaimed author of The Natural Way of Things .

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 Read reviewThere Was Still Love

There Was Still Love

Favel Parrett

The profoundly moving new novel from the critically acclaimed and Miles Franklin shortlisted author of Past the Shallows and When the Night Comes. A tender and masterfully told story of memory, family and love.

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 Read reviewThis Taste for Silence

This Taste for Silence

Amanda O'Callaghan

Subtle, compelling and unsettling, Amanda O'Callaghan's stories work at the edges of the sayable, through secrets, erasures and glimpsed moments of disclosure. They shimmer with unspoken histories and characters who have a...

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 Read reviewHere Until August: Stories

Here Until August: Stories

Josephine Rowe

A masterful collection of horizons and departures, heartbreak and seduction, from an internationally acclaimed Australian author.

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 Read reviewBruny


Heather Rose

The brilliant and explosive new novel from the author of the award-winning The Museum of Modern Love.

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 Read reviewInvented Lives

Invented Lives

Andrea Goldsmith

Knowing what you want is hard. Accepting what is possible is harder still.

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