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 Special priceScrapers: A Visual Guide to Extraordinary Buildings

Scrapers: A Visual Guide to Extraordinary Buildings

Zack Scott

With this exquisite illustrative masterpiece, Zack Scott explores in stunning detail the majestic constructions that humans have created on the surface of our own planet. This is SCRAPERS.

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 Special priceRenoir: An Intimate Biography

Renoir: An Intimate Biography

Barbara Ehrlich White

A major new biography of this perennially popular artist by the world's foremost scholar of his life and work.

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 Special priceLife With Picasso

Life With Picasso

Francoise Gilot, Carlton Lake

The young painter Francoise Gilot met Picasso in a Parisian cafe when he was 62. During the next ten years they were lovers, worked together and had two children, Claude and Paloma. In an account filled with intimate revelations,...

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 Special priceThe Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture

The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture

Phaidon Editors

Condensed travel version features over 1,000 buildings and 50 new projects.

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 Special priceDream Treehouses: Extraordinary Designs from Concept to Completion

Dream Treehouses: Extraordinary Designs from Concept to Completion

Alain Laurens, Daniel Dufour, Ghislain Andre, La Cabane Perchee, Jacques Delacroix

French design company La Cabane Perchee presents 40 extraordinary treehouses designed and built by the acclaimed team.

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 Special priceThe Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Thierry-Maxime Loriot, Suzy Menkes

A celebration of the work of Jean Paul Gaultier, enfant terrible of the fashion world.

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 Special priceFashion Climbing: A New York Life

Fashion Climbing: A New York Life

Bill Cunningham

'I took to New York life like a star shooting through the heavens...' Bill Cunningham's first love was fashion but the big city came a close second.

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 Special priceExperiments in Modern Realism

Experiments in Modern Realism

Alex Potts

Offers an understanding of the aethetics and politics of postwar European and American art. Questioning the widespread assumption that the most innovative practices were non-representational, this title shows how a powerful...

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 Special pricePainting Beyond Pollock

Painting Beyond Pollock

Morgan Falconer

Fresh and accessible account of painting from 1950 to now

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 Special priceGraphic Arts

Graphic Arts

The story and history of the development of Graphic arts from the end of the 19th century through to its many applications in film, animation and forms of media . Many artists chose graphic production. Among them are Magritte,...

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 Special priceWe Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933-1956 by Chim

We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933-1956 by Chim

Cynthia Young

This book traces the career of Chim, famed photojournalist and co-founder of Magnum Photos, who dedicated much of his life to documenting war and its aftermath.

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 Special priceAcross the Ravaged Land

Across the Ravaged Land

Nick Brandt

Across the Ravaged Land, final volume in Nick Brandt's moving trilogy on the vanishing animals of East Africa, offers a darker vision of the world that Brandt has been photographing for the last decade, a world still filled with a...

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 Special priceEquus (Mini)

Equus (Mini)

Tim Flach, Corita Kent

From the outset I felt quite strongly that I wanted to celebrate the horse in its own right. At the same time I wanted to show how man has determined the horse without necessarily showing the man. - Tim Flach  

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 Special priceCreating the Illusion

Creating the Illusion

Jay Jorgensen, Donald L. Scoggins, Ali MacGraw

One of two books launching an exciting new publishing partnership with Turner Classic Movies, Hollywood Costume Design is a complete directory of fashion on film from the silent era to modern-day blockbusters, featuring hundreds...

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 Special priceWOW: Experiential Design for a Changing World

WOW: Experiential Design for a Changing World

Oscar Riera Ojeda, Lyndon Neri

Through the selection of twelve hotel, restaurant and custom home projects located across five different countries, as well as one provocative architectural installation that was commissioned by the Singapore Institute of...

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 Special priceArt in Time: A World History of Styles and Movements

Art in Time: A World History of Styles and Movements

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Alistair Rider, Matthew P. McKelway, Robert Shane, Sarah Symmons

A world history of art styles, schools and movements.

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 Special priceThe Liberal Monument

The Liberal Monument

Alexander d'Hooghe

Architect Alexander D'Hooghe believes urban design has lost its way. Once among the most articulate and avant-garde of disciplines, the field now lacks, he suggests, the confidence necessary to address its most critical...

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Remarkable Structures: Engineering Today's Innovative Buildings

Remarkable Structures: Engineering Today’s Innovative Buildings

Sutherland Lyall

A study of the remarkable balancing act between architecture and engineering. It discusses and illustrates some of the best buildings from around the world, and looks at the relationship between architect and engineer, both from a...

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 Special priceExploring Architecture: Buildings, Meaning, and Making

Exploring Architecture: Buildings, Meaning, and Making

Eleanor Gawne, Michael Snodin

Architecture is an art, expressing most clearly the values of its age, as in the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages or the corporate headquarters of today. Buildings work directly on our emotions, filling us with awe or serenity;...

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 Special priceUnearthed: The Landscapes of Hargreaves Associates

Unearthed: The Landscapes of Hargreaves Associates

Karen M'Closkey

Unearthed examines how one of America's most significant landscape architecture firms approaches the redesign of public places to meet a range of ecological and social needs. With more than one hundred and fifty color and...

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 Special priceLe Corbusier, Homme De Lettres

Le Corbusier, Homme De Lettres

M.Christine Boyer

On his French identity card, legendary architect Le Corbusier listed his profession as Homme de Lettres (Man of Letters). Celebrated for his architecture, which numbers fewer than sixty buildings, Le Corbusier also wrote more...

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 Special priceLouise Nevelson: Art is Life

Louise Nevelson: Art is Life

Laurie Wilson

Louise Nevelson (1899-1988) was, with Calder, Noguchi and David Smith, one of the great American sculptors of the 20th century. She created extraordinary work, from room-size installations composed of boxes to gnarled and majestic...

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 Special priceMy Salute to Five Bells

My Salute to Five Bells

John Olsen

My Salute to Five Bells by John Olsen charts the journey of one of Australia's greatest living artists at work on the biggest commission of his career. Member of the Order of Australia and Archibald-prize-winner John...

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