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Merciless Gods by Christos Tsiolkas

Reviewed by Emily Harms

There is no doubt Christos Tsiolkas is a master of the written word. He tickles and seduces us with the innocence and excitement of a new lover leading you to places we wouldn’t often dare to go, bef…

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The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

Reviewed by Deborah Crabtree

Peter, a man of faith, is sent on a mission to share the Bible and its teachings with an alien race of beings. Beatrice, his wife, must stay behind in a world that is rapidly unravelling. This is, in…

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Only in New York by Lily Brett

Reviewed by Savannah Indigo Adshead

Read this book if: a) you have been or are going to New York, b) you are interested in how a writer thinks, or c) if you are curious about psychics in the Big Apple. You should also read this book if…

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Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by Dani Solomon

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes himself to know that Arthur Conan Doyle grew to dislike his creation - it’s written there in his stories for all to see. But in case your observational skills are…

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Amnesia by Peter Carey

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

Despite its more serious subtext, Amnesia is a very funny book and is Peter Carey at the height of his powers. I read it a second time because I wanted to savour it again for its structure and its wr…

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Gardening with Soul

Reviewed by Sharon Peterson

‘You like gardening – review this,’ so said the Readings DVD buyer. Yes, I do like gardening, though I’m not a keen documentary watcher. But my protests fell on deaf ears and I found myself spending …

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Little Dog and the Christmas Wish by Corinne Fenton & Robin Cowcher

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke

I know it seems a little early to talk about Christmas books, but you may want to catch the overseas Christmas mail and send this to a homesick Victorian – or you may just want to enjoy a charming st…

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The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Reviewed by Mark Azzopardi

For a child reader, there are books that, on first reading, create an immediate and enduring impression. These books feel deeply personal, and seem to speak directly to the reader. In Norton Juster’s…

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The Necklace and the Present by Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood

Reviewed by Angela Crocombe

The collaboration of author Libby Gleeson and illustrator Freya Blackwood has produced some extraordinarily beautiful works, including Amy & Louis and Look, a Book! Their newest project, The Cleo Sto

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Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke

Rejoice readers, two of children’s literature’s celebrated creators are back together again with their wry humour and unique take on the world.

Sam and Dave are on a mission to find something ‘spect…

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