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Q&A with Ceridwen Dovey

Bronte Coates talks with Ceridwen Dovey about her new collection of short stories.

Only the Animals has a distinct set-up: told from the perspective of ten different animals, each story depicts how they lived and died during human conflicts, and throughout, pays homage to a particular real-life author. Where did this unusual premise come from? …

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Fangirling about Rainbow Rowell

Three of our staff – Nina Kenwood, Emily Gale and Bronte Coates – come together to chat about young adult author Rainbow Rowell’s novels Fangirl and Eleanor and Park.

NK: Let’s start with Fangirl, because we all read that first. I loved it. Between this and the utterly brilliant, devastating Eleanor and Park, I am an official Rainbow Rowell…

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Children’s & YA Books Highlights for April

Let’s all take a minute to consider what it would feel like for our 8th-grade diaries to land us a book deal. Correction: most of us don’t need an entire minute to appreciate the full horror of that. However, for Maya Van Wagenen, the teenage author of Popular, it is turning out extremely well. Her efforts to radically change her high school expe…

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