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What five books should be on your bookshelf? David Walsh responds

I’m going to assume that by ‘everyone’s bookshelf’ you mean everyone that is likely to stroll into Readings. And not the kind of person that would then dart out of Readings with a stolen tome underarm. And not people of a particular moral or philosophical bent. I wouldn’t recommend the same books for a jihadist that I would for as schoolteacher. T…

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Meet the bookseller with Tara Kaye Judah

We chat with Tara Kaye Judah about her fondness for feminist film theory and capitalist critique, and why she loves the cover of David Vann’s Goat Mountain.

Why do you work in books?

If I were to build a fort with walls of knowledge, the final result would be a bookstore. I want to live peacefully in a fort of knowledge. At Readings, the fort …

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Our thoughts on the Gone Girl movie (from two fans of the book)

Nina Kenwood, our digital marketing manager, and Fiona Hardy, our crime book specialist, attended a special preview screening of the Gone Girl movie this week. Here’s a (relatively) spoiler free discussion of the experience.

Nina: Hi Fiona. We both saw the Gone Girl movie last night. Let’s start with the most pressing question: did you see Ben …

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