I am Not a Loser

Barry Loser

I am Not a Loser
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I am Not a Loser

Barry Loser

I Am Not a Loser is a madcap must-read for boys who love funny books such as Mr Gum and Wimpy Kid. I’ve never minded that my name’s Barry Loser because my coolness has always cancelled it out, but ever since Darren Darrenofski joined school with his horrible little crocodile face he’s been completely ruining my life about it. I Am Not A Loser is the first of three notebooks belonging to Barry Loser. Follow Barry as he tries to throw off his loserness, take revenge on the terrible Fronkle-burping Darren Darrenofski and finally become a winner. Jim Smith’s hilarious illustrated books with their distinctive style and comedy genius make him (and Barry, of course) the coolest - or ‘keelest’ - new writer of books for kids who love to have fun when they read. Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or David Walliams will love Barry Loser’s stories. Jim is also the creator of Waldo Pancake.


Reviewed by Madeleine Smith, aged 8

jimsmithThis story is about a funny character called Barry Loser who really hates his name. He gets teased all the time by Darren Darrenofski, a boy in his class, and Barry is really sick of it. Darren only has one weakness and that’s how much he loves Fronkle, a fizzy drink. Barry tries to trick Darren to get his own back but things don’t go as he planned. Then they both go on the school talent show but you’ll have to read the book to find out if Barry or Darren wins.

The funniest bits are when Barry goes to school on stilts, so he’s too tall to go inside, and when they’re at the hair salon and Barry’s nan gets blue spiky hair by mistake.

If you like comics and Diary of a Wimpy Kid I think you’ll like Barry Loser: I Am Not A Loser! It’s a bit easier to read than Diary of a Wimpy Kid so if you’re 6 or 7 you’ll like Barry Loser too.

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