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Q&A with Simon Rickard

Chris Gordon interviews Simon Rickard about his gorgeous new gardening book.

Simon, firstly a huge congratulations from one novice gardener to you, an experienced gardener for your beautifully and accessible book on veggies. Have growing veggies always been a passion for you? Why?

One of my earliest memories is of my father coming home from wo…

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Samuel Rutter on Michel Houllebecq as himself

The appearance of writers on the silver screen is nothing new – think of William S Burroughs in Drugstore Cowboy or Maya Angelou who both wrote Janet Jackson’s poetic lines and played a minor character in John Singleton’s 1993 ‘hit’ Poetic Justice. At best these writers appear as a more or less romanticised version of themselves, with a few zingin…

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Lorelei Vashti on deliberate lies in Dress, Memory

George Bernard Shaw said ‘All autobiographies are lies. I do not mean unconscious, unintentional lies: I mean deliberate lies.’ It sounds pretty harsh, but part of that quote appears as a disclaimer at the start of my book Dress, Memory because I really struggled to get my head around what is ‘truth’ and ‘lies’ while writing my memoir. I have lear…

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