The Readings Kids' Book Subscription

What is Readings Kids’ Book Subscription?

The Readings Kids’ Book Subscription is the perfect gift for the littlest people in your life – a new-release picture book in the post every month handpicked by our children’s book experts, and delivered straight to your lucky recipient. It is an ideal gift for any child aged 1-5 years old. The subscription is available for purchase exclusively from the Readings online store.

‘When I was little, one of my father’s ex-colleagues would send me, unannounced, a book. He had a bookseller select the book for him and they were always perfect; it gave me immense pleasure to receive that special parcel each month. When I had grandchildren I wanted to do the same thing for them and I turned to our marvellous and award-winning children’s booksellers to guide me. Now with the Readings Kids' Book Subscription, that service and advice is available for the little people in your life.’

Mark Rubbo, Readings managing director


How it works

  • Choose your subscription
    Choose from two options: a six month subscription ($185) or a 11 month subscription ($340). Each book is selected monthly by our expert children’s booksellers, and then lovingly gift wrapped and posted out to the nominated address.* We do not post out a book in January.
  • Personalise your first card
    The recipient will receive a welcome card, with the option of a personalised handwritten message. To personalise your card, please include your desired message in the ‘notes’ box on the check out page.
  • Send it around the world
    For international orders, the subscription is $465AUD for 11 months and $260AUD for six months, which includes monthly postage. Please purchase the regular subscription, and our staff will contact you to arrange the additional international shipping costs.

    *To receive the current book of the month, you must place your order by the first Monday of this month. Any orders placed after the first Monday will have their subscription commence in the following month

Which book will I receive this month?

This month’s (April) pick is Don’t Forget by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker.

I’d like to buy this subscription for a new baby. Do I need to wait until they’re one or older?

We’re also pleased to offer a similar service for brand-new arrivals: The Readings Board Book Subscription is the perfect welcome-to-the-world gift for ages 0 to 1!

An essential board book will be delivered to the lucky recipient each month. There are two options available: a six month subscription ($140) and a 12 month subscription ($280).

Unlike with the Readings Kids’ Book Subscription which features new releases, our board book subscription has twelve classic titles that are posted each month. You can view the twelve books that feature as part of the service here.

Are there any subscriptions available for adults?

Readings also offers to book subscriptions for adults. The Readings Fiction Book Subscription sees a handpicked work of contemporary fiction delivered to your door each month, and the Readings Nonfiction Book Subscription does the same for contemporary nonfiction.

There are two options available for both subscriptions: a six month subscription ($240) and a 11 month subscription ($440) for Fiction, and a six month subscription ($240) and a 11 month subscription ($440) for Nonfiction.

Similar to the Kids Book Subscription, we do not post out a book in January for our adult book subscriptions.