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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Stieg Larsson

Reviewed by Martin Shaw, Book Buyer for Readings Carlton

I know it’s only February, but this book is a SENSATION!!!, and without a doubt likely to be one of the top thrillers of this - or any other - year! It’s the first in what is being referred to as the…

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Reviewed by Emily Harms, Readings Carlton

Bjork’s new self-produced album, Volta, is a beautiful blend of her wild pagan roots mixed with themes of revolution, war, femininity and feminism evoking Bjork’s days of teenage punk. A trip on beha…

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Live At The Fillmore East: Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Reviewed by Dave Clarke, Readings Carlton

For years Neil Young fans have waited for a live release of Crazy Horse with the original band leader, Danny Whitten. Now the waiting is over, with this 1970 recording from the legendary Fillmore Eas…

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In Rainbows

Reviewed by Tom Hoskins

Most bands I know would be over the moon to secure a record deal, but not Radiohead - just the opposite it seems. In celebration of the termination of their contract with EMI, the normally glum Oxfor…

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The Orphan Gunner

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

This marvellous first novel has definite, unmistakable echoes of Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch: both are World War II romances that explore the way that the wartime ‘man shortage’ transformed women’s…

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The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad

Reviewed by Terry Collits

This is not the best of the Conrad biographies, but it is far from the worst. The latter honour goes to Jeffrey Meyers’ sensationalist Joseph Conrad: A Life (1991) whose ‘discoveries’ included an ear…

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Diary of a Bad Year

Reviewed by Kabita Dhara

An ageing male writer has been asked to contribute to Strong Opinions, a book of essays by six eminent thinkers from around the world. A chance encounter with a sexy female neighbour, Anya, leads to …

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David Malouf: The Complete Stories

Reviewed by Emily McGannon

The name David Malouf is, for me and many others, synonymous with great Australian literature. Therefore, it’s interesting that the short stories of another Australian literary figure, Tim Winton sol…

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Homecoming: Bernhard Schlink

Reviewed by Martin Shaw

I’ll always remember the special experience of reading the advance copy of Schlink’s The Reader without any expectations at all - and being completely blown away! That it then went on to be a world-w…

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A Weekend in the City: Bloc Party

Reviewed by Dave Clarke, Readings Carlton

This album is an electrifying and staggeringly direct chronicle of post-millennial Britain. Okereke’s bold, honest lyrics are set to earmeltingly invigorating music. It’s guitar rock, but not as we k…

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