Film & TV reviews

True Detective

Reviewed by Steve Bidwell-Brown

As the clinical interrogator of civilisation’s ills, the detective trawls through the darkest and least accessible pockets of society in search of answers to the riddles that lay before them. What em…

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The Great Beauty

Reviewed by Sean O’Beirne

The opening scenes of The Great Beauty give you a double helping of Rome, with Rome on top: gardens, monuments, cloisters, statuary, and a disco party next to the Colosseum. And all of this drenched …

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Downton Abbey: Season 4

Reviewed by Sharon Peterson

Julian Fellowes has, as Hugh Bonneville puts it, ‘pulled a rabbit out of a hat’ and produced what must be my favourite season of Downton Abbey so far. While some of the acting can be criticised (I’m …

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Lygon Street - Si Parla Italiano

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

Surely everyone loves Italy and the Italians; the country has given us pasta, pizza, coffee, and, of course, Lygon Street in Melbourne. Lygon Street – Si Parla Italiano is a delightful homage to the …

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Tim Winton’s The Turning

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

Settle in ladies and gentlemen, settle in; this could take some time. So much time, in fact, that when this film was screened in local cinemas, an interval was programmed. There is certainly a lot of…

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Blue Jasmine

Reviewed by Tara Kaye Judah

Woody Allen hits another home run with this funny, startling reimagining of Tennessee Williams’ seminal stage play A Streetcar Named Desire. Positing the titular Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) in the role …

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Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

Reviewed by Bronte Coates

Shot over just twelve days at Joss Whedon’s own home, Shakespeare’s classic comedy of sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick (and sappy lovers Claudio and Hero) is given a modern twist in this film th…

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Banshee: Season 1

Reviewed by Ed Moreno

Banshee is pretty much the rollicking-est, sexiest ride you’re bound to take this year. It’s over-the-top and violent, but mostly it’s just wicked fun. So buckle in, hold on and take the ride. It’s s…

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Behind The Candelabra

Reviewed by Lou Fulco

This made-for-TV movie (which later received a cinematic release) recounts the stormy six-year relationship between flamboyant entertainer Liberace (Michael Douglas) and his younger lover Scott Thors…

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Mad Men: Season 6

Reviewed by Max Denton

In the penultimate season of Mad Men, it’s the late 60s and the times are changing. One of the most interesting aspects of Mad Men is how each season evolves to expose the era it is depicting. By Sea…

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