Your Own Kind of Girl by Clare Bowditch

Melbourne is a town of connections. I’m sure many of us have heard of Clare Bowditch, perhaps we have heard her on the radio, seen her on television, or follow her on Instagram. Perhaps you have sung with her, seen her perform, seen her down the street, or just seen her laughing at a bar surrounded by friends and family. She’s that type of woman. Vivacious. Talented. Generous. And, as this deeply personal story tells us, anxious. Some of this disquiet is due to trauma, some due to compulsion and, surely, some due to the agony of being alive.

Many readers will tell you how brave Bowditch is for sharing her life story. They will tell you how inspirational it is to read about a woman who has suffered and shone. Honestly though, Bowditch’s story has more to it than that. There is a fragility to this story. Behind it is real pain that has caused grief to the author and to her family and friends. This is the book you buy because you admire any woman who is genuine.

This is the book you buy for a friend that needs to know all small steps matter. This is the read you seek when you need an easy, empathetic insight into another person’s life. This is the book that will give you a sweet, friendly little nudge on your way.

Chris Gordon is the programming and events manager for Readings.

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Your Own Kind of Girl

Your Own Kind of Girl

Clare Bowditch

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