Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant

The popularity of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl has brought about a revival of interesting crime writing of a particular vein. To say more would be to give too much away here, but what a delicious revival it is.

In Sabine Durrant’s new book, television morning show presenter Gaby Mortimer goes for her daily run and stumbles over a body in the local park. The news of a celebrity finding a corpse is the most thrilling thing in journalism, but then the police begin to hone in on Gaby herself.

Why is the evidence pointing towards her? Why does a quiet night at home – not even alone – mean her alibi is in doubt? Why, when her life is in a downward spiral anyway, is this happening to her?

Gaby is such an appealing character – resolutely modern, British, funny and charming in her realistic appraisal of her crumbling life. We are taken on this emotional ride with her: the horror of finding the body, the distress of her husband’s lack of interest in her problems, and her resolution to fight back against the rumours. The story is weighted with uneasy characters, leaving you cautious about every new situation. This disquieting novel will not sit unread on your bedside table.

Fiona Hardy sells books and talks too much to customers at Readings Carlton, and puts together Dead Write for the Readings Monthly.