Trupps' Wholefood Kitchen by Walter and Dorota Trupp

Here is a collection of recipes that are good for you, earthy, and delicious. As they should be, given the Melbourne-based authors’ credentials: Walter was the executive chef at Marco Pierre White, and Dorota is a nutritionist. Now don’t be misled though, this is not a book just for people who frequent organic food markets; the recipes (which tell you if they are gluten free, lactose free, vegan, etc.) are extraordinarily good. In our home we favoured two chapters – the grains and the sweets. We made barley balls with creamy dill sauce (kids loved it) followed by chocolate tofu cheesecake which took more time, and more concentration, but was finished in one sitting. This is a marvellous book if you want to know more about your food and how it can put the skip back in your step!

chris Christine Gordon is the Events Coordinator for Readings and is a committee member of The Stella Prize.

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Trupp's Wholefood Kitchen

Trupp’s Wholefood Kitchen

Walter Trupp, Dorota Trupp

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