The Tel Aviv Session by The Toure-Raichel Collective

Every now and again musicians who have never played before get together to have a musical conversation and create sound magic.

This is one of those very rare spontaneous collaborations that comes along and exceeds all expectations (Ry Cooder and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s Meeting by the River springs to mind). Raichel is a big star in Israel and he is a man on a musical mission, but his considerable chops as a piano player require a more sympathetic setting than his band normally allows him.

Toure has the famous family name and rising status as an African guitar hero. This time round his relatively unheard virtuosity as an acoustic player has emerged in spectacular fashion. The two had only met briefly on the way to somewhere else and finally got down to jam in a Tel Aviv studio for a few hours. Toure brought with him his percussionist and Raichel a bass player friend. There were no plans – they just played, and as the rhythm section locked into some grooves, something happened. What does it sound like? Imagine a leaf floating down a river going over pebbles and waterfalls, lingering in rockpools and coming to rest in a peaceful lake.

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Tel Aviv Session

Tel Aviv Session

Toure Raichel Collective

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