The Rules of Cool: Mac Slater: Coolhunter: Tristan Bancks

Well that was crazy fun, that was cool, but guess what Mac isn’t cool, he’s a dorky inventor of a boy who wears his school uniform on weekends, because sometimes that’s all he has to wear, but hey, the Coolhunters think he’s an innovator.

Coolhunters look out for individuals within their demographic target who could be regarded as trendsetters, and then report back to major brands who then develop and market these trends to specific socio-economic age groups. So Mac has a week to vlog the cool things happening in his town to earn the opportunity to become a Coolhunter, along with a trip to New York for training. Fun, yeah, but hang on, he has an opponent and she happens to be one of the coolest girls in town; really, does he have a chance?

This book may be about the latest technology and trends but it’s also a fun adventure with a couple of lovable klutzes, an annoying girl and only one winner. This book is a winner and sure to be a big hit with young people 10 and up.