The Legacy: Season 2

If you’ve not yet watched the first season of The Legacy, and I thoroughly recommend that you do, I would suggest you turn away now as there are spoilers coming.

The legacy that gives this family drama its title refers to the estate of matriarch Veronika Gronnegaard, an internationally lauded artist whose sudden death sparks a feud between her progeny regarding the inheritance of the beautiful and rambling, but ramshackle, family home. Veronika’s bohemian lifestyle had produced four children by three men and each of the children has their own plans for the property. Eldest daughter Gro wants to convert it into a gallery for their mother’s work; Frederik wants it, as it was his own father’s ancestral home. Emil just wants the money, as he owes debts to the Thai mafia. Things get more complicated as youngest daughter Signe receives Veronika’s deathbed will bequeathing the estate to her. Up until this point she’d not known that she was the outcome of a tryst between Veronika and her father two decades before.

This second season picks up twelve months after the events at the end of season one. Signe is concentrating on farming industrial hemp. Gro is dealing with the possible ramifications of forging her mother’s artwork. She needs money to release Emil from the Thai prison that he is wasting in. Frederik is still battling with his emotions after learning that his wife, Solveig, and Emil had shared an inappropriate moment with each other.

Produced by Denmark’s public service broadcaster DK, who are also responsible for the superb Borgen, The Bridge and The Killing, this is exemplary TV. It’s everything you would expect from the makers of the aforementioned series. As an aside, The Legacy has also been picked up for a US remake. This second season lives up to the reputation that was forged in the first and, personally, I think it has become better with each episode. Superbly acted and ridiculously addictive, The Legacy is superior TV drama.

Jason Austin is a buyer and bookseller at Readings Carlton.