The Invisible Circus by Jennifer Egan

jennifer_egan_2After her Pulitzer Prize-winning success with A Visit from the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan’s ever expanding fan club has flocked to read her earlier work. Novels Look at Me and The Keep, as well as short story collection Emerald City have all been re-issued; now comes this most recent re-release, her debut novel, The Invisible Circus.

The year is 1978: teenager Phoebe O’Connor remains obsessed with the sudden passing of her beautiful, idealistic elder sister, Faith, whose death seven years earlier while travelling in Italy, still remains a mystery.

Determined to discover the truth, and a little more about her own self along the way, Phoebe sets out to retrace her sister’s footsteps, from their childhood home in San Francisco all the way to Europe. It is a complex journey, one which unveils some rather disquieting revelations about love, family and Faith’s quixotic generation; there is certainly a strong thread of sixties radicalism flowing through the story, as Phoebe is lured by the seductive pull of the era.

While Egan’s first major work lacks the cleverness of Goon Squad’s structure, zealous fans shouldn’t be disappointed. Her prose has its usual assurance and clarity, and there is no question regarding her talent at creating believable teenagers; one can’t help but empathise with Phoebe’s confusion, with her angst and rebelliousness.

Egan also does a brilliant job of illustrating Phoebe’s journey: the descriptions of each city – London, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich – are palpable.

There may be some very coincidental moments in the plot, making certain events seem rather a little too convenient; and the story does also attempt to cover a lot of ground, as Egan sets out to depict an entire generation, rather than to simply tell a story. Nonetheless, this is fine writing, earnest to its heart.

The Invisible Circus is out now in paperback ($19.99) and ebook ($9.99).

Nicole Mansour is the Assistant Manager at Readings St Kilda

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The Invisible Circus

The Invisible Circus

Jennifer Egan

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