The Ice Princess: Camilla Leckberg

In an icy Swedish fishing village, Erica Falck, a writer, finds the dead body of Alex Wijkner in a frozen bathtub. At first glance she appears to have taken her own life, but Alex’s mother insists that her daughter was afraid of blood, and would never have killed herself in such a manner. When Alex’s parents ask Erica to write a commemorative article about their daughter’s life, Erica finds herself drawn into the mystery of Alex’s enigmatic life, and the secrets she kept from her husband. It soon becomes clear that she was indeed murdered, and also that, although supposedly childless, she had at some point borne a child. As Erica digs deeper, a tale of abuse, scandal and hidden shame that unfolded more than twenty years before is uncovered, one that links together the fates of a surprisingly disparate cast of characters. Filled with atmosphere, The Ice Princess is another stark and eerie work of Nordic crime.