The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

Adam is a serious cinema nerd who once sat willingly through all nine hours of Turnips: A Season of Dirt. Cate is a sports publicist who hates sport as much as she loves puns. When these two lovebirds meet, the sparks fly… but can their relationship survive Adam’s hotness? Because Adam is not merely hot. He is the Hot Guy. He is, in fact, so ridiculously good-looking that directors are begging him to star in their blockbuster films, a secret society is dedicated to seducing him, and his face alone is capable of causing a riot.

With their first novel, co-authors Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris have crafted a fun, frothy romantic comedy that skewers the genre, even as it embraces it. The authors cheekily straddle these two modes, revelling in the more absurd possibilities offered by writing within the genre. Their story truly is a madcap romp – complete with a kidnapping, a daring escape into a sewer, a drug baron and some very weird corporate espionage – and Adam and Cate make for an endearing pair as they’re thrown headlong into chaos. The story flips between both their perspectives; Adam’s placid nature combined with blissful ignorance of his own hotness make him the perfect foil to Cate’s sharp tongue and all-hands-on-deck attitude.

Campbell and Morris are both film critics and their shared love of pop culture runs thick through this book. Readers can expect to come across a lot of very bad film descriptions that all sound suspiciously like something they’ve recently seen and at least one book series that I genuinely wished were real. The Hot Guy is an ideal pick for someone who likes their romance with a healthy dollop of snark, or alternately, their snark with a dash of sweetness.

Bronte Coates is digital content coordinator at Readings

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The Hot Guy

The Hot Guy

Mel Campbell, Anthony Morris

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