The Cat With The Coloured Tail by Gillian Mears and Dinale Dabarera

Mr Hooper has an ice-cream truck that looks like a full moon. His special companion is The Cat with the Coloured Tail, a silver cat with a face in the shape of a heart and a tail that changes colours. Together Mr Hooper and The Cat with the Coloured Tail dispense ice creams to suit every mood and specialise in helping people who are sad. They look for heart shapes in the world and discover many hearts every day to fill their lives with joy and wonder. But one day the cat realises that the heart of the world is sick and sad. She guides Mr Hooper and the ice-cream truck to the location of the heart in order to rescue it.

This is a beautiful parable about kindness and love and how these virtues can restore the world. Award-winning author Gillian Mears has created a story as sweet and delicious as ice cream on a warm summer’s day. Utterly gorgeous illustrations by Dinalie Dabarera complete the package.

Suitable for readers aged 7 and up, or for parents and younger children to read together, it is truly a delectable delight!

Angela Crocombe is the Children’s Buyer from Readings Carlton

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The Cat with the Coloured Tail

The Cat with the Coloured Tail

Gillian Mears (Author), Dinalie Dabarera (Illustrator)

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