Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship: India Arie

Atlanta-born India Arie presents us with her third album, which sees a maturing of her delivery and song-writing skills. A warm mix of rhythmic blues and soulful soul, the 15 tracks collected together here guarantee to warm the cockles in these wintry times. All but two of the tracks were penned by Arie herself, and though the single release ‘I am Not My Hair’ is an anthem for bald men everywhere, it isn’t the best that this album has to offer – her cover of the Don Henley track ‘The Heart Of The Matter’ shows just what she’s capable of and is sublime. Anyone looking for a melodic, easy-to-listen-to (rather than easy listening) disc should give Testimony: Vol.1 a go, as it’s a standout release for 2006.