Sweet Heart Sweet Light by Spiritualized

This is the seventh studio album for Spiritualized’s J. Spaceman, and it was written on the road by the band in 2010 while touring to perform their classic 1997 album Ladies and gentleman we are floating in space in its entirety.

During the tour the band drew inspiration for Sweet Heart Sweet Light from the work of the Beach Boys and Peter Brötzmann, as well as their previous Ladies and gentleman… material (Spiritualized fans will recognise the echoes) which, like much of their work, is heavily influenced by gospel, soul, devotional hymns and mantras. J. Spaceman is joined on vocals for the first time by his 11-year-old daughter Poppy Spaceman, and Dr John has co-written the track ‘I am What I Am’.

It seems like it could be quite a chaotic mishmash, but Sweet Heart Sweet Light is a considered and beautifully crafted album. It’s full-bodied, well-mixed, symphonic and vibrant. Very highly recommended.

Miranda La Fleur is from Readings St Kilda