Reading By Moonlight: How Books Saved a Life: Brenda Walker

Really this is every woman’s fear: being diagnosed with breast cancer and preparing the best means of coping. Brenda Walker turns to books. At each stage of her treatment, outlined in her book, she surrounds herself with past novels.

For her, as for many of us, each book is like re-reading a diary entry. Brenda can recall what she was doing and feeling at the time of her first encounter. The chosen books offer her an opportunity for self-regard and for hope. This is a poignant book about a woman heading into the unfamiliar, holding on to what she does understand.

Given that Brenda is the Associate Professor in English and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia, she does know writers. To this end, Reading by Moonlight also offers insights into an impressive line-up of writers from Dickens to Dante. This book is a gift for many women readers.

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Reading by Moonlight

Reading by Moonlight

Brenda Walker

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