Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

A deadly shark attack on the Florida coast. A gorgeous guy with rippling muscles and striking violet eyes. Forbidden romance – moonlit dates in the hull of the sunken Titanic. The sharp pain of loss. Emma’s life changes forever when she meets beautiful Galen on the Florida coastline.

What Emma doesn’t know is that Galen is of the house of Triton, an on-dry-land merman exploring the beaches of humans. He has come in search of a girl who possesses the power of Poseidon, who is to be his brother’s bride – and that girl is Emma.

The chemistry between them is instant and sizzling, the product of the mysterious Syrena (mermaid) phenomenon, the “pull”. But then a tragic attack leaves Emma wishing the day had never happened.

Of Poseidon is like Twilight with mermaids instead of vampires, right down to the blush-prone heroine and sexy forbidden romance. Instead of the rolling pines of Washington State, it’s the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the perfect book if you’re feeling down and need a good old-fashioned love story to pick you up. There’s some tragedy in there too and a monster of a cliff hanger that will have any reader going nuts for the sequel. Whenever Galen and Emma had ‘a moment’, I just felt my stomach drop and go all shivery. You would think that a fish-Prince-Charming-meets-unsuspecting-girl story would be really cheesy, but it isn’t at all. This book is perfect for girls aged 12 and up.

Review by Miranda Stewart, age 15

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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon

Anna Banks

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