Now You See Him: Eli Gottleib

With a glowing endorsement from Ann Patchett and word of mouth spreading in the blogosphere and the publishing industry, Now You See Him is poised to be the next sleeper hit of the literary world. (Or, in this humble reader’s opinion, if it’s not, it should be!) This tense, dreamy literary thriller centres on one man’s oddly consuming grief over the death of his childhood best friend six months earlier, in a headline-making murder suicide. Rob Castor, who grew up across the road from Nick Framingham, was a perennial golden boy: of his own household, his high school, the small town of Monarch, New York, and – briefly – the literary world.

His book of ‘darkly pitch-perfect stories’ made him a cult success, but writers’ block took over soon after. His erratic behaviour drove his girlfriend (a fellow writer) into the arms of a media mogul, with disastrous results. As Nick struggles with his memories of Rob, his marriage is disintegrating; his wife furious about his inability to let go, his kids drifting away from him as he lives life largely in his own head. And then Rob’s sister (Nick’s ex-girlfriend) reappears in town, and the pair are drawn together by their shared obsession. This book boasts hidden surprises, a page-turning narrative, utterly believable characters, a killer twist and – yes – it’s darkly pitch-perfect.