Mozart: Piano Trios

There is something so assured in this recording of Mozart’s Piano Trios. A deft touch at the piano, a sense of style to the violin melodies and a warm rich tone for the cello. This is everything Mozart is supposed to be. This is gallant classical repertoire at its best, with lightness and every musical detail in its place. Daniel Barenboim teams up with his son, violinist Michael Barenboim, and Iranian cellist Kian Soltani to continue their Mozart journey. In 2018 they recorded all the Mozart Piano Quartets and now they bring us this delightful set of complete Trios. Recorded at the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin, I had to look up the hall online, having never heard of it. When I realised it had been specifically created for chamber music, I understood why the acoustics of this recording work so well. When listening, you feel like you are sitting in the middle of the three musicians; you can hear every little bow or press of the pedal on the piano.

I highly encourage you to look up this 360-degree performance space, preferably whilst listening to this delightful new recording.

Kate Rockstrom is a friend of Readings.

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Mozart: Piano Trios

Mozart: Piano Trios

Daniel Barenboim, Michael Barenboim, Kian Soltani

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