Mountain Battles: The Breeders

I was always a Kim Deal fan. The Pixies to me were all about her songs and presence, though to most it was all about Frank Black. For me it was Kim and the way she could have been your older sister in a rock band. When Kim went it alone and teamed up with her sister Kelley to form The Breeders, it was truly exciting for me, like having two older sisters in a rock band.

Fifteen years on from their debut long-player Last Splash, we have been given the gift of their new album, Mountain Battles. Produced in part by the analogue obsessed Steve Albini, the album has taken its cue from the bands previous album Title TK, with it’s demo-like edge giving the songs an almost unfinished maybe sketch-like quality. However it’s this rawness to the songs that give it an authentic sound, with all its loose cords and bung notes, it’s the sound of the band fuzzing rather than honing a sound through hi-tech production. In the midst of the fuzz there is also some Deal pop that shines through, with moments like the bass strutting Walk it Off, the lovely It’s the Love and the perfect sister harmonies of the country-tinged Here No More.