Mindset by The Necks

After more than 20 years improvising together, The Necks’ musical world of intuitive interaction and minimal, organic musical development continue to transfix this listener. Mindset, their sixteenth record, unveils two extended improvisations.

Unlike The Necks’ other albums, which usually present hour-long improvisations, the shorter lengths of the two tracks on Mindset were likely guided by their decision to release not only on CD, but also vinyl. Rum Jungle develops from Swanton’s pedalling bass tones and Buck’s juxtaposed bass drum pulses into a thick soundworld, full with low piano rumblings and organ chords from Abrahams. Daylights begins like a musical mobile – high-pitch electronic frequencies, muted piano melodies and occasional guitar riffs that all seemingly float around an axis point – and gradually builds to a spellbinding climax.

Although The Necks continue to utilise their well-established processes, Mindset proves to be a thoroughly engaging record and a fine addition to their substantial body of work.

Michael Wallace is from Readings Carlton