Megalopolis and the Visitor From Outer Space by Clea Dieudonne

It seems French illustrators just love to experiment with what picture books can do. Megalopolis unfolds like a scroll to more than three metres long: it’s a book not just for the eyes but for the knees and elbows, too. When an alien from another galaxy arrives in Megalopolis the citizens are as fascinated by him as he is by this new world.

With a whiff of Jules Verne to this playful adventure, there are fireworks and marching bands and games to play and cakes to eat and that’s just the welcome party. Readers aged 3–6 will want to explore Megalopolis again and again and again.

Mike Shuttleworth works as a bookseller at Readings Hawthorn.

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Megalopolis: and the Visitor from Outer Space

Megalopolis: and the Visitor from Outer Space

Clea Dieudonne

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