Littledog: Katrina Germein and Tamsin Ainslie

Who hasn’t come across a stray dog at one point in their life and desperately wanted to adopt it? In Littledog, Mum, little brother Sam and the big sister narrator are thoroughly charmed by Littledog, who shows up unexpectedly at their beach house. Dad is a little more difficult to win over. The family put up posters and a notice in the local newspaper but nobody claims Littledog. What will happen to their furry new friend when summer holidays are over?

Littledog is one of those everyday-family-life stories told in pitch-perfect prose. The illustrations colorfully depict very familiar Australian beach holiday scenes: fish and chips for dinner, tents in the backyard next to the Hills Hoist, seaside-themed interior decorating in the holiday house.

Anyone who has ever spent time with a dog will instantly recognise and admire Littledog’s playful antics. I could almost smell the sea air and the fish and chips they have for dinner!