Leviathan: Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld is well-known for his remarkable imagination and writing. Many of his books are very popular and I tell you, Leviathan is going to be one of them. This book grabs your attention in the first three pages and it has no intention of letting you go.

Unlike most of his other work, Leviathan is set in the past and it criss-crosses between the lives of two very determined people: Prince Aleksanda, on the run from his own people and Deryn Sharp, who will stop at nothing to accomplish her dream to fly. These two people have never met before, but when both their worlds are falling apart, they will be thrown together, with no other choice but to help each other.

The book has everything- from cross breed creatures to tonnes of walking, stalking, flying, killing machines, with stylish scientists and scheming counts, all drawn beautifully in Keith Thompson’s detailed illustrations.

Leviathan is an action packed adventure that leaves you excited and relieved, knowing that there’s going to be a sequel!