Here Is What Is: Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois is a bit of a legend around these parts. He has produced some of my favourite albums of all time, for the likes of Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, U2 – not to mention his own very good solo albums. And he performed one of the best music in-stores we have ever had the pleasure to host at our Carlton shop a few years back (the whole band for an hour!). Anyway, we have been looking forward to this new album for a year now. And it doesn’t disappoint. Officially, it’s a soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name. Lanois says: ‘The film is a camera following me around over the course of a year, in and out of recording studios documenting once and for all the way it really happens.’ On the album with Lanois is Brian Blade, a well known jazz drummer and Garth Hudson, the pianist from The Band. The album also includes philosophical interludes and inspiring conversations with Brian Eno, taken from the film.