David Malouf: The Complete Stories

The name David Malouf is, for me and many others, synonymous with great Australian literature. Therefore, it’s interesting that the short stories of another Australian literary figure, Tim Winton sold more than five times the number of Malouf’s recent, critically acclaimed Every Move You Make. Let’s hope that this timely release of Malouf’s Complete Stories will attract the sizeable audience it deserves. Established fans can rediscover the elegantly structured prose of stories like ‘Out of the Stream’. New acquaintances of this magnificent writer will be enthralled by the exquisitely detailed description and the intricate plotline expertly captured in just ten pages in ‘Sorrows and Secrets’. Whether read from cover to cover or dipped into and out of, this beautiful collection will provide maximum reading pleasure. Malouf fans new and old, stand up and be counted - add this wonderful collection to your library.

Emily McGannon works in the publishing industry