Cat Power - Jukebox

À la The Covers Album of 2000, Jukebox covers tracks by musical legends such as Nina Simone and James Brown. This is the first album Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, has made with her band the Dirty Delta Blues and, as with the last album (The Greatest), it sees a departure from the gritty, alt-country sound of old. Diehard Cat Power fans will probably shake their heads and ask: ‘what happened to the queen of sad core?’ This is still music for broken hearts and lonely wanderers, but with a cleaner, more stylised blues-soul edge. There are lots of surprises on this album. It opens with a down-beat version of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, then slides into the Hank Williams honky tonk classic Ramblin’ Man. Ms Marshall sighs her way through Silver Stallion (The Highwaymen) and I Believe in You (Bob Dylan) with her usual whiskey and cigarettes voice. She joins legendary ladies Billie, Janis and Joni with covers of Don’t Explain, Woman Left Lonely and Blue, all of which are stand-out tracks.

The deluxe edition comes with a fetching silver foil gatefold cover and five bonus tracks.