Brahms: Symphonies 3 & 4 Richard Tognetti & Australian Chamber Orchestra

There is nothing in the world quite like an electrifying live performance. I know we have all been missing that feeling of sitting in the middle of the music, hearing the orchestra breathe together and create something new from centuries-old compositional masterpieces. There is a reason these works endure for so long, and while the concert halls are still closed, this beautiful live recording from the Australian Chamber Orchestra might allow you to close your eyes and imagine you are there again.

Brahms is well known for having destroyed a number of his works towards the end of his life, as he had an obsession with perfection. Many people agree that the four of his symphonies that survived are some of the most perfect works ever written (in which case, I guess he achieved his goal). Although the ACO are primarily a full-time string orchestra, in my years reviewing their work I have always loved their full orchestral recordings. For these full orchestral works, the ACO invite players in the woodwind, brass and percussion sections of some of the best orchestras around, and it shows in the warmth of the sound and easy ensemble playing.

This Brahms recording is the most luscious I’ve heard in years, and hopefully when concerts start up again we can have more of these live recordings to make up for the missed time.

Kate Rockstrom is a friend of Readings.

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Brahms: Symphonies 3 & 4

Brahms: Symphonies 3 & 4

Richard Tognetti, Australian Chamber Orchestra

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