Bob the Artist by Marion Deuchars

Meet Bob: black feathers, red beak and skinny legs. Though he doesn’t know it yet, Bob is an artist. But for now he is being teased for his skinny legs by a cat, an owl and other birds.

Visiting the gym to build his muscles, eating sausages and cake, even dressing up – nothing helps. But visiting an art gallery changes everything. Soon, with his beak decked out in styles of Matisse, Pollock or Pop Art, his tormentors are dazzled and delighted by Bob’s look.

Author and illustrator Marion Deuchars works with a tight palette – mainly black, white, and flashes of colour. And just like Bob the Artist, her creative spark and originality brilliantly saves the day.

Mike Shuttleworth works as a bookseller at Readings Hawthorn.