Bad Girls Never Say Die by Jennifer Mathieu

Author of Moxie, Jennifer Mathieu, has written a compelling re-imagining of one of the greatest books about teen rebellion of all time: S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders.

Set in 1964 Houston, it focuses on a group of ‘bad girls’ from the poor part of town, and is written in the voice of 15-year-old Evie, the youngest in her gang of tough girls who cut class, shoplift, steal booze from their parents, and wear a lot of makeup. Their sworn enemies are the rich kids from River Oaks – they call them ‘tea sippers’.

One night at the drive-in, Evie goes to the bathroom alone and is accosted by a River Oaks boy. He pulls her to the back of the toilet block and begins physically assaulting her. Evie passes out and when she wakes up the boy is dead, killed by a tea-sipper girl. The two run away together, and this begins Evie’s friendship with Diane, a girl with a tough life despite her family’s wealth.

Written in a style as fast-paced as Hinton’s original, and with an authentic early 1960s setting, this is a story about girls daring to be themselves and fighting for love and friendship, despite forces within their families and society telling them otherwise. The gang of young women are so real and authentic that you want to befriend them. I literally could not put down this brilliant, engaging novel. It will be truly loved by The Outsiders and Moxie fans alike.

Highly recommended for readers ages 13+.

Angela Crocombe is from Readings Kids.

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Bad Girls Never Say Die

Bad Girls Never Say Die

Jennifer Mathieu

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