Affection: A Memoir Of Love Sex And Intimacy: Krissy Kneen

Krissy Kneen doesn’t just like sex – she’s madly in love with it. Her voracious appetite for sex is rarely sated and her quest for gratification has led her down some weird and often risqué paths during her lifetime. Anxious about her impending fortieth birthday, Kneen decided to articulate her ongoing obsession with sex in her debut memoir, Affection.

Kneen’s exploration of her sexual history touches on universal aspects such as love and commitment and addresses the fine line we sometimes tread between obsession and addiction. Her prose is both elegant and evocative, and her myriad sexual encounters range from sensual enlightenment to graphic compulsion.

Kneen is an innovative voice in the new wave of Australian female writers and her memoir engages critically with issues of sexuality and intimacy – and their often contradictory relationship. Wowsers quick to discredit this work are simply missing out an honest and intellectual exploration of the most fundamental (yet often repressed) drives of human beings.

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Affection: A Memoir Of Love, Sex & Intimacy

Affection: A Memoir Of Love, Sex & Intimacy

Krissy Kneen

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