Addition: Toni Jordan

We all have our quirks and view of the world that can lead us into trouble, or out. Here, Toni Jordan, first-time local author, has used a romantic framework to explain a particular affliction of the main character, Grace. Grace is a counter - everything she sees and does is defined by numbers. The food she eats, the purchases she makes, and the steps she takes are all based on numbers. This is not a classic tale of a woman going under because of her obsessive disorder, but rather, a story about what defines us and makes us unique. It is also about a family surviving tragedy and accepting the outcomes.

Told with great warmth and humour, Jordan has created a strong female character that needs to confront her demons, accept them and move on. The Melbourne landscape of the novel is marvelous as well. This is a love story without the frills. An enjoyable read all the way through.