A Partisan’s Daughter: Louis de Bernieres

A Partisan’s Daughter is the new novel from the bestselling and acclaimed author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Birds without Wings. Set in London during the Winter of Discontent, it explores the relationship between a middle-aged, unhappily married, Englishman named Chris and a young Yugoslavian woman named Roza. A medical sales rep, Chris drives by Roza on the streets of London, and in an uncharacteristic move, stops and awkwardly introduces himself. Roza invites him to visit her for coffee. When Chris drops by her decrepit flat, Roza begins to tell him the story of her life. His visits become more frequent and over the next few months, Roza spins stories of her troubled youth as the daughter of one of Tito’s partisans, her tragic misadventures, journey to England and colourful life in London. But are Roza’s stories true? And is Chris’s understanding clouded by his misconceptions of her identity? A Partisan’s Daughter is a finely crafted novel that explores the power of storytelling.