Say When
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Say When

Catherine Deveny

In 2008, the Pope came to Sydney, petrol prices soared and Australia proudly became the fattest nation on earth. Big Brother got the chop, and the Logies were as wonderfully bad as ever. Each week in The Age, Catherine Deveny brings her passionate, irreverent wit to bear. Her funniest, sharpest and most outrageous columns from the past year.


I read Catherine Deveny’s previous book, It’s Not My Fault They Print Them on a 12-hour train journey from Melbourne to Adelaide. The other passengers glanced worriedly at the crazy lady (me) guffawing and knee-slapping and murmuring ‘yes!’ and ‘absolutely!’, but I had a grand old time. I don’t always agree with CD, but when I do, I really, REALLY do. (She’s spot-on when it comes to 4WDs, private schools, Sam Newman and Home and Away, for instance.)

And when I don’t, I generally enjoy the experience of reading her argument anyway. This year’s offering is another ripper. Some examples: she describes The Farmer Wants a Wife as ‘a bachelor and spinster’s ball set in Saudi Arabia’. Judge Judy ‘is a total mole but in a good way’. After a few episodes, Lost made her feel ‘like a 19-year-old guy who’d been dating a girl for two months who wouldn’t put out’. And that’s just the TV stuff … There’s also a wonderful piece written before the 2007 federal election about voting for the sake of the not-so-well-off rather than the hip pocket that I think is one of the best things Deveny has ever written. Not particularly funny – but spot-on.

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