The Great Feminist Denial

Monica Dux, Zora Simic

The Great Feminist Denial
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The Great Feminist Denial

Monica Dux, Zora Simic

What the hell happened? In The Great Feminist Denial the authors talk with women-feminists and non-feminists, young and old, famous and not famous, child-free and with child-and use their responses as a starting point from which to refocus the key debates. Dux and Simic argue that, ultimately, feminism is still necessary for everyday life. Even the most cursory glimpse at the social and cultural landscape suggests an urgent need for a politics that identifies inequalities, differences and strengths specific to women as a sex. The Great Feminist Denial puts an ailing feminist past to rest, and proposes a way forward that offers young women of today a new way of calling themselves feminists.


This book is about a journey that is shared by many women. The trip of a lifetime! The Great Feminist Denial takes us on a scenic view from past years where women embraced feminism, created their own social consciousness, but then felt a little miffed when the train took a different turn on the tracks. What happened to feminism? What happened to feeling part of a collective; understanding the messages; feeling quietly confidently that the world was ours?

I’ve lived that train trip depicted in this book. So to be honest I read The Great Feminist Denial with glee – it warmed my tired feminist heart, because again I felt part of a collective. In this uniquely Australian book, the authors have collected thoughts from a range of women; interviewed others; listed influential books; named the people we followed and still follow (or didn’t and still don’t); and shared their own experiences. Brilliant. And the best part? Feminism – alive and well – in different shapes – but there for the taking and the sharing. Oh, and if you are a Greer fan – this one really is for you.

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