The Cat in the Woods

Dennis W. Glover

The Cat in the Woods
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The Cat in the Woods

Dennis W. Glover

This story is intended to teach children the importance and understanding of their faith in God and each other. What is the meaning of Easter? It is about the Resecurrection of Christ and His commitment to the human race. What about each other? It is about various races uniting to protect their rights to keep their religious belief and holiday against those who are always trying to destroy it. The story ending portrays both groups standing on the world’s stage living in harmony as humanity is intended to do.It is a peaceful, quiet morning the day before Easter Sunday. This peace is disrupted by a group of thugs who kidnap Easter and the Easter Bunny. Ratso Rat and his gang put Easter in a basket and head off to Never Land to dissapear forever. Blossom, a cat and her friends which include two neighbor children and several animals pursue and free Easter and the Easter Bunny.It is getting late. All hurry home to help the Easter Bunny get ready for next’s days religious and festive holiday. The sun rises just as they finish. It is Easter morning and God’s presence is evident. The rescuers go to their homes for a well deserved rest and Blossom curls in a ball and falls fast asleep, warmed by the sun’s rays. The proud children tell their parents about their good deed and adventure.

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