For all eternity: TENsions collection

Solange Saverio, Leda Quiroga, Renato Moyses

For all eternity: TENsions collection
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For all eternity: TENsions collection

Solange Saverio, Leda Quiroga, Renato Moyses

What would you do if you woke up one day and didn’t know where you were and what had happened to you? This is exactly what happens with the character Adriana Filgueiras Fontes, who, upon waking up in a hospital, in a situation of mental confusion, vaguely remembers the previous day. Dr. Renata is asked by the head of the psychiatric department, Dr. Flavio, to go to the hospital to take care of this case. The plot retrocedes, stitching the present time, often told in the first person, to the past. This is a story of love and hate between the young couple of Sao Paulo, Paulo and Adriana, the death of a mother with symptoms of depression, and a mother-in-law apprehensive about the future of her son’s marriage, all interlacing with the daily life of Dr. Renata, who needs to deal with the jealousy of her husband, Andre, their constant fights, and a beginning of a crisis in their marriage. For all eternity is the first book of the TENsions Collection. The TENsions Collection This collection is composed of ten independent books: For All Eternity, Over My Dead Body, One Fatal Dose, The Woman in the Blue Dress, Our Cruel Destiny, One Dose of Poison, The Other, Dream About Me, Hallucinated Mind, and Convicted Defendant. Each volume will tell a different drama, involving a psychiatric disorder, linking the life of the main character, Dr. Renata, to her daily routine in a public hospital and the cases and stories of her patients. From stories that involve suspense, often making use of flashback or intersection of times, the goal of the collection is to draw a face, a physiognomy, to psychological situations present in contemporary times, questioning and clarifying assumptions to break the stigma and prejudice of health conditions. Disorders such as panic attacks, depression, schizophrenia, and anorexia, among others, portrayed in an empathetic and pleasant reading experience, are present with the dramas, experiences, joy, and misfortune of the characters' daily lives, up to the outbreak of psychic experiences at their limits.

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