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Sophie Cunningham

Just getting on a plane made me want sex. From the moment I sat down and pulled the belt tight there was a heat that grew until all I was aware of was a pulsing, the movement of blood? For Catherine travel is about many things other than getting from here to there. Cities, for instance, and what cities do to people; the perils of geography and the excuses people use to keep others at a distance. It is about loss and longing, and the possibility of escape. In the years after she first meets Michael in Los Angeles, it is mostly about obsessive desire and damage. On a beach in Sri Lanka, in the cool of a tropical night, Catherine and her new friend Ruby get to talking. `Tell me,‘ Ruby says. `I like stories.’ So Catherine tells the story of the one who drove her crazy. Sophie Cunningham’s first novel is a fearless evocation of a woman losing herself to the idea of love. It will remind you how easy it is to cross the line, and how hard it can be to get back.

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