Yoga for Athletes: 10-Minute Yoga Workouts to Make You Better at Your Sport

Dean Pohlman, Kelly Starrett

Yoga for Athletes: 10-Minute Yoga Workouts to Make You Better at Your Sport
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Yoga for Athletes: 10-Minute Yoga Workouts to Make You Better at Your Sport

Dean Pohlman, Kelly Starrett

For runners, weight lifters, Crossfitters, triathletes, cyclists, and any fitness enthusiast who loves an intense workout- learn exactly how yoga will benefit your performance. You’ve heard yoga can improve your fitness pursuits, but all you can find is vague information on starting a beginner’s Vinyasa practice. And who really has the time for a 60 minute yoga class when all you want to do is lift weights? The good news is a yoga practice really can make you better at your sport; and specific tips, postures, and yoga workouts do exist to help you. This book is absolutely everything you need, and absolutely nothing you don’t, to be a better athlete. Dean Pohlman, founder of Man Flow Yoga and author of best-selling book Yoga Fitness for Men is your no-nonsense guide or integrating yoga with your existing resistance and endurance training. He’s a respected athlete, fitness enthusiast, and functional yoga expert who actually knows how to speak to your fitness discipline. In partnership with other professional athletes in your field, Yoga For Athletes has all of the credible and effective information you need. Choose your primary discipline- resistance training or endurance training (or both!). Then use the targeted assessment to identify your areas of opportunity. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be guided to select from a variety of 10-minute yoga workouts you can easily merge with existing fitness plans. Struggling to keep your back flat during a deadlift? Use Downdog to activate hamstring mobility, and use Boat and Tree to activate and strengthen your core…all resulting in noticeably better lifting form. Want to increase running efficiency? Consistently follow the warm-up routine to activate your hip flexors, glutes, and inner thighs to take pressure off your knees and back and improve your muscular efficiency for every step.

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