Il Cacciatore: Volume 2 (DVD)

Il Cacciatore: Volume 2 (DVD)
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Il Cacciatore: Volume 2 (DVD)

Leoluca Bagarella’s driver, Tony Calvaruso, has decided to turn state’s evidence and Saverio Barone now knows the location of Giovanni Brusca’s hideout. He wants to get him before little Giuseppe Di Matteo is killed, dissolved in acid. Giuseppe is still alive, the boss’s prisoner.

However, Giovanni appears incapable of killing the boy. He prefers to spend his time with his henchmen, Giuseppe Monticciolo and Vito Vitale, massacring their enemy. Giovanni feels more at ease with the two killers than he does with his brother, Enzo. One day, Enzo meets Maria, a young woman, who is curious about his timid nature. They soon fall in love

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