James and Jude: Bible Keywording Guide

Rob Sinclair, Chad Landman, Dawn Weaver

James and Jude: Bible Keywording Guide
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James and Jude: Bible Keywording Guide

Rob Sinclair, Chad Landman, Dawn Weaver

Jesus' brothers were some of His harshest critics while He walked the earth. From calling Him crazy to trying to get Him killed, it’s clear that Jesus' siblings had yet to be convinced that He was indeed the Son of God. But wouldn’t you know it … seeing your brother alive again after being scourged and nailed to a cross is rather convincing! James and Jude would henceforth devote their lives to championing the Christian cause. In his letter, James delivers simple, yet powerful teachings of practical where the rubber meets the road Christian living. His younger brother, Jude, warns of the dangers of false teachers who have begun rubbing elbows with God’s people. Mark keywords, taking notice how the mind of our Lord is revealed by those who were raised in the same household as God in the flesh. The Bible Keywording Guide (BKG) is an easy-to-use series of manuals designed to help Bible students of any level identify and mark critical information found in each book of the Bible. This includes things like: key words, purpose statements, prayers, etc. Each Bible book has its own set of peculiarities that, when marked, help the reader understand what the author is really saying. I was told once by a friend that before he understood what keywording was, a mechanical pencil and a yellow highlighter were standard procedure when it came to marking important ideas and insights in his Bible. Maybe this sentiment has been true for you as well. Engage in this process and see how the Bible Keywording Guide will take you beyond the highlighter and bring you to a whole new level of Bible study! WHAT IS A KEY WORD? - A key word is a word that holds a significant theological meaning and is often repeated by the author to convey his points and purposes for writing. Key words are related to the themes and overall scope of the books. Without them, the author’s emphasis and meanings would be greatly diminished, and even nonexistent in many cases. Keywording is an essential component of Bible study (i.e. exegesis) and is done using colors and/or symbols to distinguish certain words in the text. Leave the highlighter in the drawer…you’re using a dynamic and multicolored system now!

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